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What is the Metabolic Project?

The Metabolic Project is a state of the art personal training facility dedicated to the highest quality training experience. From the best equipment and technological advances to the nationally certified professional trainers with 20 years of experience, knowledge, and expertise.

We cover all aspects of training. Your goals are our foremost commitment.

We understand that a knowledgable and courteous staff is essential to your success. We require a thorough knowledge of physiology and fitness as well as a friendly and understanding demeanor.

Our trainers are not here to judge you, they are here to support your journey.

Get the results you want. We've been successfully strengthening the body and mind for 20 years.

Bob Cronin

Owner and Trainer with 17 years of professional experience.

From an early age my love for sports and fitness related activities was a powerful influence. Throughout my high school and college years athletics became my passion.The thirst for knowledge and education helped fuel that passion.I learned coaching and training others on their journey to their goals was just as rewarding.

B.S. in Biology from UC Berkeley

A.C.S.M American College of Sports Medicine

A.C.E. American Council of Excercise

I know competition, and I know success. Call (408) 871 - 9986 to schedule a free consultation.

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PowerPlate authorized training center.

The only one in Northern California.

PowerPlate is the premium vibration exercise machine. Powering a new dimension in wellness solutions for all ages. This is one of the most exciting technological advances in the fields of sports medicine, athletics, health, and fitness. Using the principles of whole body vibration traning (WBV) the PowerPlate can help people to improve sports performance, enhance fitness and wellness, and even accelerate recovery from injury.

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Our Facility

Quiet location in Los Gatos, Ca.

The latest cardio equipment.

The hi-tech power plate.

All new training equipment as well.

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Our Services

1-1 training

Health Assesments

Sport Specific Training

and much more...

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Rates varry.

We offer group rates

Corporate solutions

Private 1-on-1s and more...

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