Meet Bob Cronin

Bob Cronin

Owner and Trainer with 17 years of professional experience.

B.S. Biology UC Berkeley

From an early age my love for sports and fitness related activities was a powerful influence.Throughout my high school and college years athletics became my passion.The thirst for knowledge and education helped fuel that passion.I learned coaching and training others on their journey to their goals was just as rewarding. Patience,consistency,quality,motivation,and education can help you attain your goals.

I know competition, and I know success.

What Our Clients are Saying:

"First of all and most importantly I have gained an understanding and thorough education about setting goals and how to reach them. Bob has shown me how to set goals that pertain to me and how to reach and sometimes surpass them.Without his coaching on exercise,diet, and muscle building I could not have achieved my goals by myself."

Lisa G DDS


B.S. in Biology from UC Berkeley

A.C.S.M. American College of Sports Medicine

A.C.E. American Council of Excersise


Bauman College Diet Counselor, Nutrition Educator

Paul Chek Core Assesments and Conditioning

Resist-A-Ball Core Instructor

Peter Twist Athletic Conditioning and Agility


Power Plate Academy I and II

USAC Cycling Coach Level I and II